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Carafe with a cup that also acts as a covering lid when they are stacked. Photo by Alberto Strada.

Connecting two borosilicated glass elements with inbound curves. This detail not only helps us to pick it up but it also acts as a visual guide line for dudging the volume of contrnts at the same time.

Carafe L ( 750ml at the middle joint line), carefe S (500ml at the middle joint line) and stacking cups.
Photo by Alberto Strada.

Endless stacking glass tower. Photo by Alberto Strada.

Photo by Alberto Strada.

High-rise carafe and cup collection, Ichendorf, 2018

This iconic form for the water vessel and the cup was born by playing and connecting two conical volumes. Thanks to the nature of this shape, we are able to build glass towers like the buildings we see in cities. Its unique detail for the connection point was achieved by studying a way to fuse two elements in glass.