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Art Direction, aru., 2022

Our collaboration with aru is quite spontaneous but unique. We worked with a master craftsman, Mr Takahashi, to develop our new door handle collection, and as we started developing the collection together, we knew this collection  had to be branded separately from the other handles that he had previously crafted for himself.

So, we came up with a new brand name.
” aru” is a Japanese word expressing a way of being or the presence of things in space. Since the beginning of this project, our vision for the collection was to naturally integrate the presence of the handles into architectural surroundings while adding qualitative accents to the atmosphere. I felt this modest approach somehow overlapped with the significance of this word.

Once the name was decided, we still needed to photoshoot and film the products, make catalogues, create its website, make a social media account, etc. It was a big project, but we enjoyed the journey together.

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