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walking sticks & canes

Walking sticks & canes is a universal yet understated subject with no limit to exploration.
By conducting this research exhibition, we showcase 18 examples by designers I admire to share their thoughts on this subject, wishing to broaden our general awareness of this essential tool.

Interview with Monocle Magazine

A recent interview with Monocle Magazine online.
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Up, Karimoku furniture, 2024
Villetta bar and kitchen stools, De Padova, 2024
Talos, De Padova, 2024
walking sticks and canes exhibition, 2024
Lacquer family, NINE, 2023
ATL table collection, Faust, 2023
SIS Topologie, Topologie, 2023
Seto, Fredericia, 2023
Slow coffee set, Alessi, 2023
Villetta Armchair, De Padova, 2023
Naviglio family, Ichendorf, 2022
Lisboa Outdoor, Mor, 2022
Zunto stacking chairs, By interiors, 2022
Art Direction, aru., 2022
Ridges, aru., 2022
High-rise, sake, Ichendorf, 2022
Ripamonti pouf and table, De Padova, 2021
Lisboa, Mor, 2021
Springback uphostered, Cruso, 2021
Springback coat stand, Cruso, 2021
MOA low table, Ligne Roset, 2020
Concave, Jaxon Keon / Lixil, 2020
Pal, Fredericia, 2020
Latteria, Fucina, 2020
Cast hammer, Origin, 2020
MOA Loounge chair & ottoman, Ligne Roset, 2020
Spring-back lounge chair, Cruso, 2020
Shades, Decoratori Bassanesi, 2020
Ripamonti lounge chair, De Padova, 2020
Kip bench for Fiskars Village Art and Design Biennale, 2019
Phenomena, Design Editions, 2019
Cork pinboard, 2019
ATS, By interiors, 2019
Loaf, By interiors, 2019
High-rise, Ichendorf, 2019
Light with a table, Living Divani, 2019
Floe in Cristal plant, Boffi, 2019
Plastic Hammer for Ecal Digital Market, 2019
Poet L, De Padova, 2019
Perfect imperfection For U-Joints, 2018
Twig floor standing light, De Padova, 2018
Axon conference table, Geiger /MillerKnoll, 2018
Leaway chairs, Geiger /MillerKnoll, 2018
Floe, Boffi, 2018
Twig soap tray, Boffi, 2018
Poet, De Padova, 2018
Clivio, Living Divani, 2018
Kiwi low tables, Living Divani, 2018
Magpie GPS tracker, 2017
Tapas table, 2016
Tipsy, Amorim, 2016
Twig bathroom accessories, Boffi, 2016
Solid wood lounge chair, Henrytimi, 2016
Solid oak chair with arms, Henrytimi, 2015
Museum of Quarry, Antolini, 2015
Tofu-grande, Ceramica Flaminia, 2015
Solid oak chair, Henrytimi, 2014
Stone centrepiece, Henrytimi, 2014