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Slow coffee set, Alessi, 2023

When our society runs so fast, people’s bodies and minds are not necessarily in the same place. We often do much while thinking about something else. Is it a way of living that we want? Simply pacing ourselves and being where we are makes everything more real and qualitative. It is how I came to think about “having” coffee rather than “drinking” coffee. Having” coffee gives me a sensation and atmosphere of the entire ritual, and the sense of time while drinking coffee somehow reflects the act and a mechanical process. A way of ”having” coffee starts by thinking about making a good cup of coffee, opening the cabinet, grinding the beans, slowly pouring water and preparing it spontaneously.  It is a rich process involving much care that makes a difference. Such an approach to living our life shares another way to enjoy our everyday life.

The slow coffee set consists of a handheld grinder, metal strainer, ceramic dripper and pitcher.