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Naviglio family, Ichendorf, 2022

This project naturally started by discussing creating a Gin & tonic event over one dinner with the director of Tenoha Milano. He passionately explained to me about two big categories for Gin. Some are straightforward and dry, while others are more crafted and flagrant. Although wine glasses are designed to optimise the total experience of different kinds of grapes, cocktail glasses are not so specific in this sense. We explored two directions for Gin cocktail glasses and got carried away. Ultimately, we ended up with quite a straightforward design language. I applied a gentle opening at the top and carefully studied the proportions. However, the effect of this opening is very welcoming and makes the glasses more approachable. Each glass is made of hand-poured crystal, and the icing at the bottom is naturally formed by gravity. I enjoy the contrast between a strict form factor and uncontrollable volumes.

img.01,02 and 05 by Alberto Strada

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