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Spring-back lounge chair, Cruso, 2020

From the very beginning of this project, I had the idea of developing a 3-dimensional volume by forming simple flat profiles because I knew Cruso was a new brand and could not develop complicated tooling. I thought of using laser-cut metals and plywood for seating and backrest. We also wanted to ensure the packaging is flat and follows the concept. We also studied the EU and US palette sizes, and our first presentation focused on the flatness of the product. This is because lounge chairs usually come preassembled if not made in a single volume, occupying so much unnecessary space in their packaging. Since Cruso was not only cost-sensitive but also had a strong vision for making things environmentally friendly, flat packing and reducing wasted volume was important. As a result, we developed an on-site assemblable lounge chair, which became iconic to the brand.

img:  Julien Renault

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