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walking sticks and canes exhibition, 2024

It is not possible to go back in time to the very first cane. We can only imagine it started with someone picking up a small branch, trimming off the smaller twigs, and using it for a walk in the woods. It must have been one of those primitive objects that people made on the spot as needed. As time passed, it evolved in step with social changes and cultural developments, naturally taking on different purposes and meanings. At some point, it became a symbol of power and authority or religious status and later an icon of fashion and wealth. Today, it is commonly associated
with older adults, who tend to be viewed with pity. However, some have found novel and fascinating ways to express their personalities and stories through their canes, making them a source of pleasure and pride. Some people have canes that are almost self-caricatures, some completely customise them to suit their needs, and others go to great lengths to find a perfect match for their taste. It is a universal yet understated subject with limitless potential for exploration.

This exhibition is an opportunity to share our research, showcasing eighteen examples of walking sticks and canes by designers I admire. They share their thoughts to help us broaden our general awareness of this essential and expressive tool.

Designers participating in the exhibition:

Alban Le Henry, Alberto Meda, Anker Bak, Cecilie Manz, Chris Liljenberg Halstrøm, Henri Frachon, Hugo Passos, Jasper Morrison, Julie Richoz, Julien Renault, Jun Yasumoto, Keiji Takeuchi, Maddalena Casadei, Marialaura Irvine, Michel Charlot, Pierre Charpin, Ville Kokkonen, Wataru Kumano.

Karimoku Furniture Inc.

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