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Solid oak chair, Henrytimi, 2014

This project was the first commission I received when I just started freelancing in 2014. Since HENRYTIMI is a minimalist gallery, I aimed to simplify the archetype of wooden chairs to its limit. It is very subjective, but for my understanding, there is a big difference between minimal and simple. While minimal design focuses on arriving at a minimal form factor as its goal, simplicity is a way to arrive at a form factor that is at the highest level of optimising the functionality and the essentiality of things.  For example, a single curve between two rear legs and the back support simplifies the chair and removes the junction point of these elements that discomfort our back. While the chair looks like it is made of square timbers, every piece has a pàrallélogràm section to sculpt the chair while adding extra mass of wood in needed areas. Thanks to this project, I met Giulio Cappellini, who gave me an opportunity to work on the Antolini project, during which I also installed these chairs.

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